Detox: Results already after a few days?

Here's a summary of my findings:

A lot of people are being misled by detox products. These products claim to remove toxins but often don't do so. In fact, many products don't even work. Here are the facts about how the detoxing process works and what the toxins really are: The detox process has a number of stages, which may be described as follows: 1. De-toxification (decontamination) The process begins with the body's natural production of detoxifying substances, such as ammonia and other volatile organic compounds that produce the toxins. Once these substances are reduced, they leave the body and are excreted into the urine and feces. 2. Elimination (exhaustion) When the body no longer has these substances, it will start to excrete them through the urine. The urine then goes through a series of distilling processes that are repeated until all the excrement is cleared away. 3. Re-synthesis (exhaustion) This is the final step of the detoxification process. The body will then take up the remaining substances and re-create them. The body will use this process to get rid of the toxins and also remove waste from the body. The process also has the effect of getting rid of all excess bacteria that cause problems.

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