Pre-workout booster: Results already after a few days?

I don't get many questions about proper equipment. The equipment section on this site contains the best, most complete training equipment lists. The equipment section is the first of many items in this book. I also have recommended the following books for equipment: A Guide to Bodybuilding Equipment by John H. Miller, Fitness Training Systems by Mark A. Wilson, and Training Your Body, Bodyweight and Weight Training by Bruce Lee. The only problem with those books is that I have yet to read them. All of the training equipment listed in this book is 100% original to me. My equipment is always in excellent condition.

My training is always a unique blend of traditional bodybuilding technique, strength training, and health and nutrition. Most of my training takes place in private sessions with my personal coach/nutritionist/trainer Steve Stieglitz. Steve is a highly respected trainer who has won several national and world championships, a World Record holder in bodyweight (and even bodyweight for women), a 3-time world champion in bodyweight, and an American Weightlifting World Champion.

Steve also has a PhD in exercise physiology and biomechanics and has been a world-class coach for more than 10 years. Steve has also worked with many elite athletes, including some who have been involved in high-level professional sports.

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4 Gauge

4 Gauge

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